CM BaalStroud

Baal Stroud is the Clan Member of Kara in Bonta. He teaches the Miner profession.

Baal Stroud's Information:

Sex:Heart of stone
Height:A vein of gold
Place of Birth:Unknown
Hobby:Stealing kamas
Hates:Being out of pocket
Speciality:Sniffing out kamas


Will Bonus

Being a Clan Member, Baal Stroud has his own will, if respected, the following Bonus will be available in his zone.

ClanMemberMoodSadNo Bonus
ClanMemberMoodNeutral+4 Elemental MasteryElement Physical, +10 HPHealth point
ClanMemberMoodHappy+4 Elemental MasteryElement Physical, +10 HPHealth point

Baal Stroud's Will

To respect Baal Stroud's will, certain monsters and resources must respect these parameters.

Baal Stroud's will:
Icon Tree: 200 - 500Icon Blibli: 200 - 300