Ankama Animation created a French-language cartoon show based on the game Dofus.The show was animated with Adobe Flash; all the production was done in France except for episode 22 "Rubilax" and the special episode "Noximilien", which were both produced in Japan. The directors later made a Kickstarter project in which it would go on Netflix and get an English dub so that people in Europe, and all other English-speaking countries can enjoy all that the Wakfu series has to offer.

The series is directed by Anthony "Tot" Roux, and character design is directed by Xavier "Xa" Houssin and Kim "Tcho" Etinoff.

The series contains 2 seasons up to date, season one containing 26 episodes and season two also containing 26. And 3 special episodes.

Season 3 has been commissioned, with no confirmed release date announced yet.


Comprehensive Listing of Wakfu Episodes


The Brotherhood of Tofu

Side characters






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