Ancestral Handle
Lvl. 80


Tradeable Icon
Ancestral Handle

"A component made with the finest wood to render your weapons resistant and maneuverable."

This item is also made by Close Combat Weapons Masters and Area of Effect Weapons Masters with identical recipes.



Craft Usage

Image Item Profession Lvl Recipe

Bab Ydi Wand

Bab Ydi Wand

Long Distance Weapons Master


Emulsified Slobber Emulsified Slobber x62
Blood Red Amethyst Blood Red Amethyst x43
Hornbeam Plank Hornbeam Plank x25
Polturd Polturd x80
Ancestral Handle Ancestral Handle x45


Shushu Slicer

Close Combat Weapons Master


Ancestral Handle Ancestral Handle x45
25px Stoneguard x80
Pooplar Wood Pooplar Wood x70
25px Whispering Crackly Heart x54
Double Carat Sapphire Stone Double Carat Sapphire Stone x38

Whispered Standard

Whispered Standard

Area of Effect Weapons Master


Opal Fabric Opal Fabric x47
25px Whispering Crackly Heart x60
25px Whispering Rock x61
Ancestral Handle Ancestral Handle x30

This item is also used in the following recipes:

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